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 We supply mounted bearings manufactured from quality, durable materials to ensure consistent performance on the job. We offer a wide variety of sizes and options in mounted bearings including traditional ball bearings, spherical roller bearings, cylindrical roller bearings, sleeve bearings, and tapered roller bearings to handle the conveyance of your power transmission needs. We also provide a full line of Dodge bearings and have a top on-hand inventory for fast shipment.
We are also one of the premier Dodge bearing distributors in Texas and Louisiana. We stock both standard pillow block bearings as well as many of the hard-to-find Rexnord bearings, and Dodge mounted bearings. Our team of experienced, professional sales experts is available to work closely with our customers to ensure the correct order and to assist in the selection of the right bearings for the job.

DODGE 400532 Mounted Units & Inserts

Brass 14mm
12100 62mm

DODGE 400198 Mounted Units & Inserts

D-8 Uncoated
0.5000 (Bore A& Click here

DODGE DU-DI-111R Mounted Units & Inserts

Contact with Flinger Uncoated
Four-Bolt Flange Lubrication Fitting

DODGE 426024 Roller Bearings

Inner Ring DIN 620
68 mm 60 mm

DODGE BRG22308KC3 Roller Bearings

1 pcs Negotiable

DODGE BRG22338C3 Roller Bearings

-22 to 400°F Ambient
Labyrinth 0.020 in

DODGE BRG22324C3 Roller Bearings

Contact Seal Double Setscrew
550676 RCI

DODGE BRG22313C3 Roller Bearings

7/8 in Split Pillow Block
22220 CCK/W33 6.0000 in

DODGE BRG22334KC3 Roller Bearings

1 pcs Negotiable

DODGE BRG22322KC3 Roller Bearings

7400 kgf Round
Four-Bolt Flange Cast Iron

DODGE BRG22226KC3AH Roller Bearings

Open 5/16-24
0.6875 in Needle Rollers